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The 10th Session of Clinical Pharmacy Seminar of Chinese Pharmacists Chinese Journal of New Drugs and Clinical Remedies
Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions
Strategy Meeting of Pediatrics  of Chinese Basic Medical Market Development Forum Magazine of primary hospital- physician online
Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions
 The 14th China Pharmaceutical Marketing Elite Forum Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions
Development Research Center for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry of Renmin University of China  
 2014 Chinese Pharmaceutical Market Information Conference Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions
Data Support: Sinohealth Intelligence
IMS Health
China State Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry
The 6th China Pharmaceutical Product Manager Forum  China Pharmaceutical Product Manager Elite Salon
Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions
2015 Pharmaceutical Innovation and  International Technology Transfer Conference (the 3rd Session) Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions
China Technology Exchange
2015 China Drug Distribution Industry Capital Forum  China Association of Pharmaceutical Commerce 5.13-5.14
Pharmaceutical Logistics Seminar     
Summit Forum of China health products development China Health Care Association 5.15-5.16
Community Hospital Development Forum Chinese Journal of New Drugs and Clinical Remedies 5.15
Menet Discourse Menet.com 5.16


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