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Pharmaceutical Formulations: Chemical Medicine、Chinese Medicine、Chinese Herbal Medicine、OTC Medicines、Biopharmaceuticals、Biological Products, etc;

Healthcare products: health products, functional food, nutritional supplements, health drinks, organic food, health slimming product;

Home health care equipment: household disinfection products, home care equipment, home rehabilitation equipment, beauty and fitness equipment, testing equipment; hygiene supplies, detection reagents, adult health care equipment,

Functional cosmetics:personal care products, bath body care, hair care, beauty body sculpting, makeup, perfume / fragrance,

Maternal and infant products: Baby and mother nutrition, baby care products, supplies of pregnant women, milk powder, radiation-proof clothes, suits,

Medical technology and service area:drug R&D, R&D service, pharmaceutical/medical information engineering, technology acquisition, international technology cooperation, production service human resources management and recruitment, training, marketing planning, risk investment


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